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Effective use of technology in education is about much more than web research and saving paper. To learn more about blended learning and how it can be used to personalize learning and meet the needs of every student, check out the playlist below.

Tech Tip Tuesday

Tech Tip Tuesday is a chance for me to share awesome stuff with my colleagues. I will post and share ways technology can improve your classroom and your life.

Have something awesome you think should be here? Let me know and I'll add it!

Episode 6: Digital Discussions

January 31, 2017

Digital Discussions are Better. Use Google Sheets to include ALL STUDENTS in class discussions.

Episode 5: Format Painter

January 17, 2017

Make your documents beautiful in seconds using the Format Painter

Episode 4: Google Keep

January 10, 2017

Super simple, super awesome todo list and notetaking tool.

Episode 3: Share digital resources with ease

December 06, 2016

Use QR codes and custom short URL's to easily share information.

Episode 2: Keyboard shortcuts that will change your life

December 06, 2016

Using keyboard shortcuts will save you time and frustration. Start today!

Episode 1: Track Appointments with Google Calendar

November 29, 2016

Learn how to keep track of appointments with students, parents and colleagues quickly and easily using Google Calendar. It's easier than you think and will change your life. Give it a try!

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