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Playlists for Teachers of Algebra 1, Geometry & Algebra 2

Updated: Dec 19, 2020

I've been wanting to revisit this blog for a while, but now seems like the perfect time for so many reasons. I know that many, many teachers will be wondering and worrying about what distance learning will look like for them (something like this photo!) and their students in the coming weeks/months. In the interest of turning lemons into lemonade, my hope is that being forced to rethink the nature of teaching and learning will prompt us all to make positive, 21st century changes in our classrooms (the 21st century is 20 years old, let's get with the times!). My classroom is already set up as a self-paced, playlist model. Read my earlier blog posts to learn more. Today I'm going to share all playlists for Algebra 1, Geometry and Algebra 2, years in the making. My hope is that other math teachers out there will find them helpful in navigating these uncharted waters. By the way, credit to Sam Schachter, my colleague who is also using this model, for building all of the Algebra 1 playlists. Check out his recent blog post about the really cool stuff he's doing with flipping his AP Calculus class this year!

If you want to try using some or all of these playlists, follow these steps:

  • Create a teacher account on Formative.

  • Click the link(s) below for the courses you teach. Each is a Google Doc that you should bookmark or add to your Google Drive for future use.

  • Each of the above Google Docs consist of our playlist resources. The playlist links will prompt you to make a copy in Formative. Once you make the copy, the playlist is yours. You can edit it and assign it to your students.

  • A note about assigning to students. Playlists should provide instant feedback to students (again, read my earlier blog posts for much more on this philosophy). I set them like this:

  • Check-ins are used like exit tickets after students complete a playlist. For these I only give them feedback after they submit (like an assessment, but not graded). I set them like this:

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